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Video Cameras, Equipment and Accessories

AV Central has a selection of configurations for Broadcast, Web/Internet, and Video Conferencing.  We provide complete package solutions.  Contact us for additional information and details.

Video Distribution

Video Equipment

Video Cameras

  • VGA/HDMI Distribution Amp & Cables

  • Folsom Graphics Switcher

  • Sony DSC-1024 Scan Converter

  • 4K Black Magic ATEM Production Switcher

  • Panasonic 4k HD

  • 16mm Film Camera

  • DV Cameras

  • Camera Tripod

  • Battery/Power Charger

  • Video recording package, dvd  2hrs      

  • TV &  DVD  32’ LCD/LED  cart w/ skirt

  • DVD - Player/Recorder

  • 8” Sony Professional monitor

  • 27" CRT Color Television

  • Visualizer doc cam w cables   

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