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Lighting and Lighting Packages

AV Central has a selection of lighting configurations for your event needs.  We provide complete package solutions.  Contact us for additional information and details.

Par 64 Floods,
LED/LEKO lighting


  • LED auto color lights package of 5

  • Individual automatic color led lights ea.  

  • Remote wireless on /off switch

  • Dimmer pack for lights

  • Gobo lights, w/ Gobos 2 per package

  • ETC Source 4 Lights (Ellipsoidal)

  • Lighting Tree, 8’ – 12’ H

  • Truss Packages Available

  • Dimmer, 12 Channels

  • Lighting Control Console   

  • Follow Spotlight

  • Lectern Lighting Package

  • Gooseneck Lights (Work lamps)   

led rgb.jpg
Lighting Controller 
lighting mixer.jpg

The Chauvet Obey 70 DMX lighting controller offers you the convenient portability of a compact controller with many of the advanced functions you'd only expect from a full-sized lighting board. With 14 reversible faders onboard, you can easily take control of up to 12 intelligent lights and 384 channels of DMX with the Obey 70. A total of 30 banks of eight instantly selectable scenes lets you set up complex shows, and a set of six chase effects controls makes adding energy to your shows easy. Top it all off with fog and strobe control, beat activation, an assignable pressure-sensitive joystick, and more, and it's no wonder the Chauvet Obey 70 has DJs everywhere talking.

Goalie Post Truss System
Goalie Post Truss System.jpg

Ideal for DJ's, exhibitions and lightweight applications, the 8 x 8' Mobile DJ Goalie Post Truss System from Global Truss is based on the F23 8-5/8" triangular truss. The DJ Goalie Post setup weighs 82 lb and can support up to 400 lb. The height and width can be extended using an F23 truss.talking.

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